Welcome to Elemental Harmony, a holistic approach to restoring balance for optimal health and well-being. Rebecca Gould uses a blend of Eastern and Western modalities to help you deeply relax, reduce stress, relieve pain, and achieve greater balance and harmony. She can help you quiet your mind, reconnect with your body, and feel a renewed sense of peace, joy, and overall well-being. Go from feeling disconnected to connected and from stressed out to blissed out.

You deserve to feel your best, to feel healthy, happy, and whole. So treat yourself to what you deserve by calling today!

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“Rebecca’s soft, calm demeanor makes her the perfect Qigong teacher!  Just being in her presence helped me relax and slow down.”
–Pamela Nixon, Anacortes, WA

“Rebecca is a special practitioner. First of all, she actually listened to me. I require a light touch and by being present with me, I could trust her and let her know when she could go deeper. She knows the body well and just with her hands found some sensitive areas without my alerting her. I felt safe, comfortable and relaxed. And I felt my massage was very beneficial, especially in loosening up my very tight back and shoulder muscles. I would highly recommend choosing Rebecca for a wonderful massage experience.
–Sherry Hoffman, Transformational Coach, Seattle