Qigong, Meditation, & Breath Empowerment

If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong. — Dr. Mehmet Oz

There are many different systems of Qigong. Your experience of one may vary greatly from your experience of another. There is no right or wrong; you’re always encouraged to follow your feeling and choose whatever practices resonate for you. I teach two unique systems that vary greatly while also complementing one another:

Sheng Zhen Gong ~ The Qigong of Unconditional Love

Supreme Science Qigong ~ Feel the Power of Qi

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Qigong (chi-kung) is an ancient form of healing movement and meditation, practiced for thousands of years to improve health and increase longevity. It is the Grandmother of Acupuncture and Tai Chi.

Qi (chi) is life force energy. It’s in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and we’re born with it. Where there is no qi, there is no life.

Qigong is the cultivation of qi, the generation of energy, the exchange of qi with the universe. Gong translates as work, and implies work over time, with regular practice.  This is meaningful because the energy exchange with the universe must be practiced regularly. It’s as important and essential to health as eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, and sleeping.

Reported benefits include stress reduction, elevated mood, pain relief, improved muscular endurance, increased range of motion, increased energy & confidence, improved digestive functions, and enhanced mental acuity, focus, and concentration.

Sounds good, right?

Curious to learn more?

Here’s a little info on the specific systems I teach:

Sheng Zhen is my primary passion when it comes to teaching. It is a particularly joyful system of qigong that makes this “work” feel less like work and more like play. It enhances physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through gentle movements and meditations practiced while standing or seated in a chair. The movements are accompanied by meditations or contemplations that express the meaning, or the “flavor” of the movements. Sheng Zhen translates as “sacred truth,” which is further interpreted as “unconditional love.” Sheng Zhen Gong focuses on opening the heart and simply enjoying the movements and enjoying one’s life. It’s fun, gentle, and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. For more on Sheng Zhen, click here.

In addition to Sheng Zhen, one of my favorite things to teach is Breath Empowerment, which is part of the Supreme Science Qigong system; for details click here. Supreme Science Qigong uses advanced breathing techniques, meditation, and movement to harness the Qi. The Qi-Energy is so tangible in this Qigong system that experts of Yoga, Meditation, and even practitioners of other styles of Qigong are amazed at how strong it is. Precise, focused, sincere movements are the key to feeling the energy so strongly in this system.

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The face of exercise is changing in America. Instead of relentlessly pursuing a sculptured physique, people are chasing longevity, stress reduction and improved health through mind-body practices like qigong.” — Nora Isaacs, NY Times, Published: April 5, 2007