Meet Rebecca

Hello, and Welcome! I’m Rebecca Clio* Gould,

and I am here to support and inspire you to get out of your funk and into a groove ~ into a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life! I am here to truly listen to you, and then inquire, teach, and offer effective tools that you can use immediately to start seeing a lasting difference in those life areas most important to you, and then, like a pebble dropped into a pond, watching them ripple out into ALL aspects of your life. In other words, I am here to help you Thrive and Live a Juicy Life!

What’s a juicy life, you wonder? A juicy life is sweet, nourishing, flowing, fresh, energizing, uplifting, and mouth-watering good. It is the feeling of wanting to take a big sip or bite of something that you know will both delight and satisfy you. Something that will make you glow.

love+vibrationsPeople are often commenting on my glow, on what a radiant bubble of joy I am, but let me tell you something: I wasn’t always like this. As a little child yes, but then something changed. And then something changed again, and again and again! Ups and downs, back and forth, teetering and tottering– my story is long, with books (yes, books) in progress, but to sum it up here: I endured teasing and rejection as an overweight child, survived a highly traumatic and nearly fatal car accident as a teenager, dropped out of law school and got a divorce simultaneously in my twenties, and have moved around more times than I can count in my thirties.

Add to this many heartaches and dark nights of the soul, and all the lessons that these challenges have taught me, and voila! I have now mastered so many tools and methods for handling change and the very necessary and important art of healing, as well as following, my Heart. Each and every setback that occurred was actually an essential part of my path and training, propelling me forward to where I am now.


Today, I am living the life of my dreams — I am my own boss, best friend, most beloved lover, and favorite entertainer, while also enjoying teamwork, collaboration, and deeply satisfying connections with others. I march to the beat of my own drum, can honestly say that I deeply and truly love myself and appreciate all that life brings my way, and I have discovered that my life’s calling is to bring this to others as well. Over the years, I’ve supported and inspired my clients, students, friends, family, and people I’ve never even met face to face, to relax into feeling their emotions and to face their fears, tap into their bliss at the core, and to find ways of making lasting changes in profound, yet fun and easy, sustainable ways.

People who know me have said time and again that they see me as a combination of “grounded and responsible” and “wild and free”, a heady combination that I believe is essential to a rich and happy life.   I’ve been told I bring a unique skill of blending the material with the spiritual, the thinking and logic with the sensing and feeling. I have learned how to ride the waves of life and stay afloat regardless the weather, and I bring this to all my work, to all my life. I’ve learned how to reach that crucial place of being able to go beyond my limits, and I am so excited to share all the tools in my toolbox to help you do the same.

2950_4896983339795_1472301544_nHow do we do this, you and I? How did I reach this place where I can now share this with you? After so many years of challenges and learning, falling backward and then moving forward again, I learned this unquestionable truth: life is a gift to be cherished, and I strongly believe in the healing power of qi, Love, and the mind. This first came home to me when I was sixteen, after that terrible car accident.   The doctors were amazed by my miraculous recovery, a recovery that could be unquestionably attributed to all of the Reiki (energywork) I was receiving from both near and far. Even at such a young age, I had opened myself to the huge healing potential in what is so often referred to as alternative medicine, and my recovery from this traumatic event served as the catalyst for the next monumental steps in my life. As this had been done for me, I knew that someday I would help others in this very same way.

But I still had more lessons to learn, and it wasn’t for another several years that I found my most effective tool, the one that called to me and chased away the dark clouds hanging over me: Sheng Zhen, pronounced shung jen. This Heart-opening, happy-making system of healing movement and meditation was the first thing I found that truly resonated with me and that began getting me back in touch with my childlike nature: positive, joyful, openly curious, playful, and free.

The next thing I discovered to be an essential part of my path, healing, and living life to the fullest? Sacred sexuality, or Tantra. I used to think tantra was just about sex, the sex act itself. But when I discovered the truth, that it’s far more than that, and while studying with world-renowned Dakini, Shakti Malan, in her Awakening Feminine Essence and Sexual Awakening for Women courses, it was crystal clear to me that this was not only the missing link in my own personal journey, but also part of my calling in life.

After years of pain and darkness, I found my way out, and I believe with all my heart that you can too. Of course, as part of this amazing journey we call life I still get hurt feelings, have bad moods, experience heartaches and disappointments. But with these tools and all I have learned my recovery time is so much faster and so much more graceful. I have become constantly and steadily aware of the Light that is always present, and I am passionate about helping others see the Light too, even in the darkest of times.


Since 1996, I have been using my extensive personal experiences and honing my healing modalities to help others, and in conjunction with the excellent training I have received over the years, I am extra sensitive to my students’ and clients’ needs, the complexities and multi-dimensional aspects of healing and personal empowerment – I always treat my clients and students as I would wish to be treated: with respect and gentleness, with kindness and compassion, and with grounded presence.

My mission in life is to spread as much Love and Light as I possibly can, everywhere I go, and to help women step into their Power and Joy by breaking free from all of the illusory self-imposed and society-induced limitations that have been keeping them small and bogged down. It’s time for empowerment and liberation, and most importantly, truly enjoying and loving life – emotionally, physically, sexually — to the fullest!


Please contact me with any questions. Thank you!

Professional Bio:

Rebecca Clio* Gould is a Women’s Holistic Health & Empowerment Coach, Sheng Zhen Teacher, and Writer. She is also the Sacred Energy Exchange Specialist at the CCFL Global Academy, specializing in qigong, meditation, energwork, and sacred sexuality. Rebecca has nearly twenty years of experience with energywork and has been a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (CHHP) through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners since 2007 with thousands of hours of training in various modalities, such as coaching, energywork, massage, craniosacral, shiatsu, qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine’s 5-Element Theory, meditation, and breathwork.

In 2007, Rebecca started her private practice, Elemental Harmony in Anacortes, WA, and left it in 2012 to focus on Sheng Zhen and writing down in Austin, TX. She recently relocated back to Seattle after spending two years assisting Master Li Junfeng and the International Sheng Zhen Society as the Writing and Communications Department Manager. Now Rebecca is thrilled to be stepping back into coaching with a renewed focus and passion for women’s health and empowerment. She is committed to spreading Love and Light wherever she goes, and to helping women learn how to live happier and healthier lives. Stay tuned for upcoming books and articles on women’s health and sexuality.

*Regarding pronunciation, Clio is the Greek Muse of History and is pronounced klahy-oh. It can also be pronounced klee-oh, but then it wouldn’t be the way you say my middle name. ;  )